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DO You Like a Clean Car?

Car Cleaning:


Too busy to clean or too polish your car? Why not have it cleaned while you’re at work? Drop your car off in the morning and at the end of the day pick it up nice and clean. Conveniently located in Mainz Kastel close to the shipping office. Easy online booking service.  Let us make your life easier.




Don't have all the time in the world - no worries. 

Enjoy your yoga class, relax in the gym or use your time in a more than efficient manner while we clean your car from the outside and from the inside.

Look forward to a nice clean car with the feeling that it took only the blink of an eye.


All dirty cars are very welcome.

INDIVIDUallY Bookable car cleaning Programs - Hand wash Only

In order to constantly improve the quality of our services, all vehicles are washed exclusively by hand.


The program GOLD includes:



  • windows cleaning (inside / outside)
  • vacuum inside / upholstery
  • vacuum of 4 car mats
  • wet wipe
  • cleaning the car body 
  • outside cleaning (HAND WASH)
  • no cleaning of the trunk area

Price: 95€


+ 20€ for a Van size

( more than 5 seat car or SUV)

* Please note that additional costs may arise if the vehicles are extremely dirty. These will be discussed with you in advance to avoid later misunderstandings. Thank you for your understanding.


The program DIAMOND includes:


  • windows cleaning (inside / outside)
  • vacuum inside /upholstery incl. trunk
  • vacuum of 4 car mats
  • cleaning of 4 rubber mats  
  • wet wipe 
  • cleaning the car body
  • cleaning of carpets (no deep carpet cleaning)
  • leather cleaning OR upholstery cleaning (non deep upholstery cleaning)
  • high pressure outside cleaning
  • outside cleaning (2x HAND WASH incl. WAX)

Price: 105€


+ 20€ for a Van size

( more than 5 seat car or SUV)

* Please note that additional costs may arise if the vehicles are extremely dirty. These will be discussed with you in advance to avoid later misunderstandings. Thank you for your understanding.


The program PCS4POV  includes:


  • inside cleaning ( vacuum of 4 car mats incl. trunk )
  • special high pressure outside wash 
  • outside cleaning (3x HAND WASH ONLY)
  • special alloy wheels cleaning
  • all specific vehicle cleaning requirements for outbound shipping referring to U.S.D.A.

PCS4POV SUV detailing

Price: 165€


+ 30€ for a Van size

( more than 5 seat car or SUV)

car cleaning for car sale  (CC4CS)


The program CC4CS includes:


  • windows cleaning (inside / outside)
  • inside cleaning ( vacuum of 4 car mats incl. trunk )
  • wet wipe
  • cleaning the car body
  • cleaning of carpets
  • leather cleaning OR upholstery cleaning                           (non deep upholstery cleaning)
  • outside cleaning hand wash / high pressure 
  • alloy wheel cleaning
  • Odor neutralizer with microorganism'

  • Surface cleaning of the engine compartment

Price: 165€


+ 30€ for a Van size

( more than 5 seat car or SUV)



CCS is happy to customize a voucher for a car detailing for your friend. Give him a great voucher from CCS and put a smile on his face. We wish you a lot of pleasure in booking the voucher of CCS.

Payment at the CCS garage, please.

MIX YOUR Own Special AdditionalS BOoKings

Additional bookings only in combination with a GOLD, DIAMOND or CC4CS cleaning program. Thank you.

Leather care 

For the care of your car we use a very exclusive leather care. This care is enriched with natural, fragrant oils. The leather is again very supple and gets a nice, fresh look. In particular, the side cheeks of the driver's seats are always very stressed when getting in and out. Inadequate care often leads to small leather tears. The rear seats of the mommy cars are also always badly affected by the hard child seat shells and leave deep seat recesses in the leather. In order to keep your seats as good as possible, we recommend a leather care every two to three months.

(only suitable for smooth leather)

Price: 45€ 

( 5 seat car )

 Price: 65€

(over 5 seat)

Deep upholstery cleaning 

Vehicle upholstery is used very heavily. Deep-rooted patches, fine dust or sweets from the kids all end up on the upholstery of the car. With a fiber-deep upholstery cleaning, we ensure excellent cleanliness. Including shampooing, spray extraction and drying. Your upholstery is pretty fresh and clean.

Price: 50€


Cleaning of roof linings 

Whether lipstick stains, make-up fingerprints, nicotine or fingerprints who does not know the traces of dirt on the sun visor and the headliner? Even our smallest passengers leave us with colorful fingerprints on the headliner and on the car upholstery. We are happy to help you. Just book this add on for the headliner cleaning in addition to your program and enjoy a clean and bright headliner. 

Price: 38€ 

Dog hair removal 

Everyone likes their beloved four-legged friends but rarely do you want to clean the pollution and the dirty trunk and remove stubborn hair. Whether dog hair, dog smell after a walk in the wet, pine needles or stubborn dirt - there are so many things that are difficult or impossible to remove. For these unpopular tasks, we are the perfect partner by your side! Bring your beloved vehicle and make an appointment.

Price: 30€ 


 Price: 45€

(entire car)

Air condition cleaning 

The permanent use of the air conditioning system is an ideal breeding ground for the growth of bacteria, germs and fungi in your vehicle. We clean the air conditioning system of your vehicle including the evaporator and the ventilation systems quickly and easily. Annoying smells are eliminated.

Price: 25€


Alloy wheels cleaning

Brake dust and road dirt often make the alloy rim look very dull. For very dirty alloy wheels, we also offer our rim cleaning. Let your rims shine again.

Price: 38€ 


Odor neutralizer with microorganism's

Our miracle weapon against unpleasant odors in the car is our pH-neutral odor remover. He does not attack the surfaces in the vehicle. It eliminates unpleasant odors and contains microorganisms that are responsible for long-term effects. These microorganisms prevent the emergence of new odors. He has a lasting effect. Harmless and safe to use.

Particularly suitable if the vehicle is opened again after a long stay in an overseas container and the old tennis sniff smell comes out of the vehicle.

Price: 20€


Surface cleaning of the engine compartment

Outside clean and shiny - under the hood a dirty sight :-(

We transform the sight of your engine compartment back into a very clean area. Often forgotten, over the years or decades, lots of sand, leaves, pine needles or other dirt accumulate in the engine compartment. This often leads to expensive damage to the vehicle, since the water can no longer drain off as planned. The drains are clogged with all types of leaves and sand. We change that FOR YOU with this program! Everything shines in new splendor again.

Price: 55€ 

Carpet & mats cleaning 

Very light carpets in combination with light leather make the interior of the vehicle look very noble and exclusive. Unfortunately, these bright colors are very delicate and magically attract stains. That your vehicle interior can shine again, we offer a very effective cleaning service with deep cleaning of carpets and mats. Since each carpet has a different fiber / structure, we recommend to swing by at our detailing garage to check the material.

Price: 35€ 

( 5 seat car )

 Price: 50€

(over 5 seat)


Whether new or old, every vehicle occasionally needs a new exterior protection. Whether fly remnants in summer, salt and road dirt in winter - all dirt residues will make your vehicle's paint cloudy over time. In our new program we offer a special care unit for your vehicle. Your vehicle is specially pre-treated by hand in several washing units. After we have thoroughly cleaned your vehicle from coarse and fine dirt, it is carefully dried by hand. In the following step, the vehicle is treated step by step with a very high quality wax. To add the finishing touch, we polish by hand so that an excellent result is achieved. Your vehicle will be happy and will thank you.

Price: 129€

(5seat car)

Price: 159€

(over 5 seat / SUV) 



We cleaning your POV with all requirements for outbound shipping.

We wash:

the exterior of your vehicle for you including wheels and rims.

We vacuum:

your entire car including under and between all seats, seat backs, storage compartments, glove compartment, seat pouches, door panel compartments, storage drawers and trunk with spare tire compartment.

We clean:

engine and engine compartment, grill, radiator, wheel wells, trunk and spare tire compartment, windshield wiper housing, lift gate seals, door rails, hood and trunk hinges.

We remove:

trash and dirt, crumbs, soil, mud, plant material, leaves, grass, seeds, bugs.

We pack:

your personal items and belongings including air refreshers and items that hang from rear view mirror and conveniently place it in a bag for you.

We offer in addition:

a rental car if you need to stay mobile and flexible while we conduct the PCS cleaning of your vehicle, and all of it out of a convenient, safe and easy to reach location inside JFC Brunssum barracks.

Please be advised if you intent to additionally include upholstery cleaning the car needs to dry, and we recommend doing this not later than two weeks before shipping in order to be sure not to cause mildew while shipping.

To prevent a rejection of your POV we do no wet clean doormats, seats and carpets inside your vehicle!

Our products

You love your car ? 

We love your car too! 


That`s the reason why we are working only with exclusive and professional cleaning products.

Our cleaning products have been developed for all high-performance car cleaning companies. 

With our high-quality products, we can execute upholstery and leather cleaning perfectly. Even  animal and cigarette smell can be reduced to minimum or by best totally eliminated.


Specific products for your specifics needs of the car.


You are very welcome to make an appointment.

You should regularly clean the interior of your vehicle and have it prior prepared in the cold season.

Increased humidity in winter, lead to increased fungi, bacteria and germ formation in your vehicle and make it smell unpleasant.  Always remember that a well maintained vehicle not only increases driving pleasure, but also increases the resale value.Your vehicle will thank you not only in winter but also in summer time.

We wish you always a pleasant and safe drive.

Your CCS team.


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