car rental

Modern functional up to date cars combined with fair rates including military discount.

CCS exclusively offers vehicles for military personnel and their families. In order to offer you the best service we work with fair and easy structured rental rates. We accept all US credit cards, because we know the struggle, especially in Europe. Our business model is further on based on the deep trust in the military community and their personnel and because of this reason we have decided not to block a tremendous amount of money on deposits off your credit card. We provide you additional driver insurance,  individual short-term and long-term rents. The safety and well-being of your little ones is also very important to us. For this reason, we offer you newest model child seats in all sizes that are as well in line with the European regulations. Safety first!

If we picked you up from the airport let us know and you will get an additional discount off your rental price.

For additional questions, reservations or booking feel free to contact us via phone, email or Facebook.


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airport transfers

Flights can already be very stressful. Our strong belief is that a transition, arrival or departure has to be smooth and easy -    that´s where we come into play.

CCS doesn't mind if you fly for business, move or traveling -

we will provide you with the same best service every time. If you don´t want to worry about the huge amount of suitcases you bring and how they possibly fit in a car, or you don´t want to figure out and arrange airport parking - we could provide you with a simple solution. For your pick-up, drop-off at the airport on arrival or departure we shuttle you, your family, all luggage, pets,... you name it. We take care to get where you need to go. Tell us where to pick you up, where you need to go and when you need to be there. We drive to all local airports around the Tri-border community, if you arrive little further away we will try to arrange it as well.

If you intent to get a rental car from us after your arrival we give you an additional discount off the rental price too, same applies to visiting family members of course.

To inform us about your plans, request a quote. Please feel free to fill out our request form.


Airport transfer.

car cleaning service

Keep calm and work on! While you work, have lunch or wait we take care of the messy things in life.

CCS provides on base a car cleaning service in various ranges. At the location of NATO HQ JFC Brunssum you can make an arrangement in advance and simply drop your car key in the morning - we take care of the rest. Choose between our different offers to find your individual standard of cleaning. We would offer to clean your car during your working hours, which means no long waiting, no stress and more leisure time for you! Park your vehicle in the morning, tell us where and it will be clean and wait for you in the afternoon. You will be very happy to be able to drive home with a freshly cleaned, well-smelling car without all the cookie crumbs.


Car cleaning service.

cellphone provider contracts

We offer suitable mobile phone contracts with the big providers in Germany and the Netherlands for you and your family.

CCS informs you about the latest offers of German and Dutch cellphone providers and current opportunities to have a simple and functioning network. Again the transition into a new country can be difficult, especially if you try to deep dive into foreign language webpages and offers of mobile operator services just to find a way to get connected and communicate with others. We think this is priority and won't let you wait to get you connected. We identify with you individual possibilities and with the recent change in the EU regulations "phone like your home" your network will work wherever you go inside the European Union mostly without roaming costs. This way you can stay connected wherever you might wish to travel to in Europe: "olá, bonjour, ciao". As our service to you we try to find cheap rates for the best value and offer to fit your specific needs.

For cellphone provider requests we would suggest to contact us in advance via phone, email or Facebook or stop by at our office at NATO HQ JFC Brunssum.


Communication service.


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