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who is ccs?

The Story behind CCS


My name is Annett Spannaus and I am a military spouse.

Moving in 2015 to Brunssum as the wife of a professional soldier I started in January 2017 to work for the JFC Brunssum Morale & Welfare department.

Working in this great and supporting environment, along with speaking with all of my international and especially American and Canadian friends provided me insight into the challenges, e.g. the arrival process into EU for non- European families.


I was shocked to hear how stressful, logistically challenging and sometimes expensive it was for them when they arrived in the EU.

I have heard countless stories of how complicated it was to find, for example a good car rental with fair conditions (full insurance, military discount) and good services while your car is getting shipped.


Many did not find this at all or found out afterwards that for all they wish for they had to pay excessive prices with substandard service.


Of course, there are other options like borrowing one from a friend or buying a cheap used car. But what is with the coverage of insurance in this case or if the cheap, just bought car breaks down, has (unknown) issues and most of all does not have safety standards... it could end in a mess right from the start.


The idea of a fair and trustful Car Rental out of the heart of the Brunssum community was born: C..


The next problem almost every newcomer family faces are the mobile phone contracts. Mostly the mobile phone contracts you get around here are either German or Dutch. For someone just entered a new country it is (and will be) a big challenge, e.g. to get an overview who is the best provider, best rates for what part of contract and which are the good connections - wherever your new home will be.



To understand that, for a simple mobile phone contract, you could end up going to the regular shop several times, wait weeks before you are connected and able to communicate is just not acceptable. To offer a simple family solution that fits all your needs and requirements, including traveling through Europe and early communication connectivity is the key.


The idea of a transparent mobile service provider consulting was added: CC.


I know the problems of moving very often. I would like every military family to have a relaxed and smooth arrival at the new station because the move itself is stress enough for everybody in the family. I wish I could have helped my friends that made bad experiences just by supporting them with what they need because of understanding how difficult a new start could be. I thought about their struggles and frustrations and what I could do to make this transition easier and smooth. This motivated me to change something and inspired me to create a model for all newcomers that will arrive in the tri-border community in the future.

The idea of providing a service from understanding these issues for the community out of the community!


The idea of being there and offering the most important aspect, the service, builds the foundation: CCS









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